John and Mary's Memories

John and Mary's Memories 2.5

Share with John and Mary a trip and challenge around the world (See all)

John and Mary have decided to travel all over the planet after being working for a long time and taking care of their family. Enjoy this trip with them solving different puzzles and challenges. During your trip in many different countries you will find different puzzles and tasks like matching identical cards. The main objective of the game is to clear all the cards on your screen board by matching pairs of identical figures. To complete each level and scenario you should clear all the cards on the screen board. To travel to another city you should help John and Mary to collect all the cards. Once you complete a level a new city will get unlocked and they will continue their trip around the world. In this game your challenge will get harder every time, each new level has more cards on the screen board and more different types of figures. Playing this game is very simple and full of fun, all you need to use is your mouse, move your mouse over the card of your selection and press the left mouse button to select.

Birgilio Rivera
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